Secret Garden Memories: Magical Moments from 2018

Question: What was your favorite event so far this year?

Answer: “The New Orleans Decadence Parade. We paraded through the French Quarter on September 2nd, which also happens to my birthday! …To see so much love and acceptance and see people building each other up… is wonderful! Being a new member, I didn’t have my own flower yet, but I got to wear a beautiful blue orchid from another Krewe member, which fit the blue and yellow theme of Decadence perfectly!” – Shannon, 1st yr Fleur

Answer: “The Krewe of Boo Parade! Halloween in New Orleans is unlike anywhere in the world, so being able to walk in the Halloween parade as part of such a creative and local team felt like a spooky dream come true! I enjoy getting to expand on the creative process with each of us transforming our normal “lovely” fleurs, into scary, creepy, and carnivorous Fleurs! However, as a Captain informed me, we are not dead flowers, we are very much alive!” – Ivana, 1st yr Fleur

Answer: “The Belles and Beaus Ball for the American Cancer Society. The theme of the ACS Ball this year was, “Where Hope Grows,” and us Fleurs were asked to come represent. It was astounding to me how many people were touched by our presence, and wanted to know more about our Krewe. Most importantly, I saw our brightly colored and lit costumes light up the faces of some of the cancer patients at the Ball; that is the ultimate feeling.” – Kelly, 3rd yr Fleur



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