Green Throws

Grow your own Secret Garden with us all year! 

Make a #SeedsAsBeads sign, and follow us on IG, FB, and twitter to show off your blooms. 

SeedsAsBeads are eco-friendly handmade paper “beads” embedded with a mix of flower seeds that are native to the Southeast. The beads are planted and will compost away while the seeds are growing. All that will be left are the flowers! The paper that is used is both recycled, organic and unbleached. Most importantly, this product is filled with love. 

What seeds are contained in your bead?

Beads contain a mix of wildflower seeds, both annual and perennial:

Baby's Breath  

Dwarf Cornflower/Bachelor Button     

Five Spot        

Lemon Mint    

African Daisy  

Sweet Alyssum           


Tall Cornflower/Bachelor Button         

Red Corn Poppy (Legion Poppy)        

Lance Leaf Coreopsis  

Mixed Red Poppy (Shirley Poppy)      

Wild Cosmos  

California Poppy         


Black Eyed Susan       

Wild Perennial Lupine 

Purple Coneflower      

Russel Lupine 

Plains Coreopsis         

Siberian Wallflower     

Blue Flax         

Scarlet Flax      

Drummond Phlox       

Sulphur/Orange Cosmos        

Gloriosa Daisy

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How do I grow the bead?

There are a couple of ways your beads can be planted. It can be sown directly into a garden or grown in a pot. Either way, soak your bead for 4-6 hours, find a sunny spot, place the sphere under about 1/4" of soil, water thoroughly and continue to monitor for the first 4-6 weeks to ensure that the seedlings are kept moist but not wet. 

When can I plant my bead?

The bead can be started anytime indoors as long as the pot is kept in a sunny window. The flowers can then be transplanted outdoors in spring. 

Outdoors, paper planted late fall to early spring will take advantage of the winter moisture and will produce earlier blooms. Beads planted in summer will need to monitored more closely to ensure that it is receiving adequate moisture when the seedlings first start growing.

How long do the SeedsAsBeads last?

We recommend that you plant your bead within 18 months to ensure the best germination results.

Please be sure to document your bead’s growth progress through pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the hashtags #secretgarden #seedsasbeads and #krewedesfleurs. Thanks for making our garden grow! 

In 2018, all beads were made with upcycled paper donated by Small Fires Press ( and Scriptura (

Upcycled Handmade Orchids:

Thanks to a generous paper donation from our partner, Scriptura, we're moving closer to only using upcycled materials in our keepsake magnets and hair clips. Each KdF member cut her orchids from donated "scrap" paper, and then embellished each of her special throws. We hope you'll share your photos of these one-of-a-kind orchids too!  

Water Bottles:

We also carry reusable water bottles instead of toss away versions that we all know eventually make their way into our oceans. No more plastic bottles on the route from our members! 

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