Applications for membership go out each summer to those who have been a Guardener.

What’s that? See below.

Become a Fleur!

We are so glad you found us! The Krewe des Fleurs season runs from Ash Wednesday to Mardi Gras Day in the following year. That means, if you’d like to march with us in the future, the best way to get involved is now as a Guardener.

In this role, you’ll parade with us in a farmer-styled costume (of your own choosing) and help us to make it down the route. Some of the duties include riding our trike (hello sustainable Mardi Gras, we see you), helping the Fleurs stay hydrated, and keeping an eye on the crowd (its rare, but there are sometimes a weed or two out there). 

The Guardener role is open to all gender identities, but full membership is reserved for female-identifying humans, age 21 and above.

Once you’ve Guardened, you’ll be invited to apply for membership in the following year. The only real requirements for membership are that you are interested in growing your creative skills, love being in costume and believe that kindness is a necessary human virtue in all groups of people. Some of our members are professional artists, but many are not. Don’t be shy! We want to see what makes you sparkle!

Sign Me UP!

As a full member, the requirements are a little different throughout the year, but you should expect to build a flower and crown, appear at community events and have a lot of fun. If you have any specific questions, please email us at