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Krewe des Fleurs
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NOLA costume collaborative. Handmade costumes & throws all Mardi Gras. Art & inspiration the rest of the year. #mardigrasmagic #gardenparty
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Krewe des Fleurs

Our garden grows with new flowers and new members each year, blossoming into a fantastic array of colors shapes and sizes. In our inaugural year, we paraded as the Gilded Lilies. Our second year, we hit the route as Radical Roses. 2017 brought out a familiar Louisiana flower, the Iris, chosen to pay homage to Krewe of Iris's 100 year anniversary. In 2018...well, you'll just have to wait and see!
Krewe des Fleurs
Krewe des Fleurs1 day ago
Feels fitting to reminisce on our #seedsasbeads story with @kennylopez_tv a few months ago as the sun ☀️ sets on this Sunday #earthday. Those of you caring for our are they doing? Be sure to keep us updated!